Monday, 21 January 2013


I realise I've been absent, and don't quite have the time/effort to write something.
However, I've come across something I wrote one night, a few months ago. I'm not quite sure how much of it is accurate, and/or makes sense, but I feel some urge to not change it, in any way (Probably known otherwise as laziness. :P).
Here, for general amusement, or something of the sort, I give you 'Alice...'.

The time will come when I must slay
The Jabberwock on Frabjous Day
I am quite unsure that I will go ahead
With sending it to his fiery bed
But, alas, I have no choice
They will believe only the Alice's voice
And so along I will wander
A-finding many a-things to ponder
Including the youngest baby pig
And the queen's follower's preposterous wig
Flamingoes and hedgehogs to play croquet
A game which will not last the day
Until come the Red Queen's court to see
Who her majesty's jam tart did steal
The poor court frog with wife and kids
His head now floats in castle's ditch
And poor March Hare with guests so great
Who all arrive so terribly late
And the maddest hatter you ever did see
But travel by hat is such a treat
You cannot simply miss it out
For it is the most practical way to go about
The whitest rabbit who searched so hard
To find he had chosen the incorrect card
I am not the Alice, as they do say
And no Jabberwock will I ever slay
But the Cheshire Cat will not ever let off
Until its head is well cut off
And rolling down the cold stone steps
Stopping finally the queen-caused deaths
So what little choice do I have to make
But this crazy wonderland path to take?


  1. Me likey, Taia! Nice!

    (Sorry, Blogland's got me hyper. XD)

    PS, I gave you an awesome. ;)

  2. You are brilliant Taia and this poem is so epicly delightful! I LOVE IT! You have so much wonderful talent and I hope we all get lucky and have more Taia epicness! *hugs tight*
    (you are not lazy) *noogies* XD