Sunday, 2 September 2012

Just, please.

I know it's hard,
It's harder than hell,
But I need you to breathe,
Need you to be well,

I know that it hurts,
Like I could never understand,
But I need you to think,
I need you to land,

I know that you're stuck,
In the depth and the dark,
But I need you to stop,
Can you place down your mark?

Can you stop for a moment,
And look deep through the scars,
Through the pain and the hurt,
To the sky and the stars?

And I need you to know,
That that rainbow is you,
But you need to be loved,
And love you I do,

I need you to realise,
That you're better than life,
But you don't need the bullet,
You don't need the knife.

What you need is the knowledge,
To know that you're great,
That you're brilliant and wonderful,
And it's never too late,

Too late to realise,
Too late to believe,
Just open your eyes,
Just let yourself see,

I need you to notice,
That high above all,
You can pull yourself up,
So it's okay to fall,

Please, take the notice,
When I write out these words,
That they're all meant for you,
That they need to be heard,

And I know it's not easy,
When you're down past your knees,
But I'll help you back up,
If you'll only let me,

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