Monday, 27 October 2014


(*clears cobwebs off the microphone*
I think I wrote this a couple of months ago, but I guess it's kind of relevant. Plus whoops it's been fifteen months, how'd that happen? Also is anybody even here any more? :P)


There are words in the haven
You can scroll down the page
Read through them

They hope that you're OK
And wish all the best
And talk about small things

And small things which are big things,
They talk about big things which aren't small,
And big things which are

The sentences run in complex metaphors
Or simple analogies
Or direct expression

And they're all written in glitter pen
Because they shine, when you read them,
With value but also with fun

And the words sometimes indicate actions
A hug which isn't a hug by any physical standards
But which represents maybe more than other hugs sometimes will

The hug becomes language, rather than action
It's a verb, yes, but it's also a statement
Of thank you, or I love you, or it's OK

It tells that haven is still haven
When it's written on a page
That sanctity in words is still sanctity

And it's a warehouse, the haven
Packed with heavy wooden crates
And times which are not now

And people who are no longer
But who are the same people
In invisible simultaneity

The atmosphere isn't air
In this haven it's not nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide
It's history and presence and alternately existing moments

But it's chemical, too, it's helium
Manipulating words to enjoyment
It is life and it can be breathed

And maybe when we respire
That atmosphere is pulled into our bloodstream
And pushed into each of our cells

Maybe our bodies are made of the haven
And it keeps us alive
And it helps us to betterment

But some days, it's lonely in the haven
The atmosphere doesn't wrap itself through you
Your alveoli don't fill

There are words which aren't yours
And you're trying to breathe them
But they don't fit, and you don't let them

But the haven still cares
Even if you're not breathing it
It breathes for you

There are words in the haven
They are flawed and limited
They are endless and perfect.