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Chapter 1.

Stealth, Martial Arts, and Discarded Pizza

For most of her life, Taia had lived on the streets, but although she’d had no real education, her range of vocabulary was astounding, as was her knowledge on some areas of Biology, physics, and various different languages. She knew a fair amount of history, from many different viewpoints, and could point out countries on a globe or a map, if she had a map or a globe to look at. And she wasn’t too bad at maths either, provided the problem didn’t involve multiplication or division, that is. But on the whole, she was pretty clever, for a homeless 13 year old girl, and could probably just about pass as a normal teenage girl, as long as she wasn’t asked to spell anything, of course. But her real skills lay far beyond the national curriculum. Because she had been wandering around the streets since she was five, she had picked up a lot of tips and tricks about how to survive. These tips included various different forms of stealth, self-defence, martial arts, and other ways to beat people senseless, but her favourite was one that she hadn’t learnt from some random person she met on the street who had agreed to teach her (though she didn’t usually leave them much choice) and then added her one twist to it, but one that she had taught herself over many, many years. And on this particular form of aggression, some may even consider her to be a master, but she liked to keep it hidden well, only use it if it was needed. And this time, it most certainly wasn’t.
The man, a scrawny chap, with ragged clothing and an unseemly smirk, posed little threat to a girl of her proficiency. She knew how innocuous she could seem at times – people didn’t tend to expect a thirteen year old to be much of a hazard, after all. And it was obvious that this man was no different to many others – completely unaware of her strength. Taia didn’t like to underestimate her opponents but this time, there was no doubting how easy this was going to be.
She let him take the first strike, flinging an aimless punch at her. She ducked, dropping to the ground, sliding forward and kicking him hard in the shins. He howled and lashed out with his feet, but she dodged expertly and flipped over on to her feet beside him. A fist slammed into his face and he was on the ground before he had even registered his feet being swept from under him.
The man groaned. Taia looked down at him pitifully and found herself feeling sorry for him. It wasn’t his fault, he hadn’t realised what that pendant meant to her, and obviously he needed money just as much as she did. But he had still tried to take it from her, which was something she couldn’t allow. She opened her mouth to mutter something along the lines of an apology, but decided against it, turning and walking away instead.
It wasn’t that she enjoyed beating the living daylights out of people, she actually rather disliked the idea when put in that context, but even she had to admit, she was good at it. Sighing, she sat on an old cardboard box and looked down at the pendant hanging from her neck on a thin, but strangely strong silver chain. Her father had given it to her when she was four, and she hadn’t removed it from her neck since. And, though she didn’t remember it ever being too big, she knew it must have been once. After all, necklaces don’t grow, do they?
She’d watched this memory so many times before, but it never grew old. It was the first and the last memory she had of her father, and she treasured it as dearly as the pedant he had given her. She heard a rustling below her, and looked down to see an inquisitive face looking up at her. The face belonged to a hungry-looking rat, and she smiled and rummaged around the boxes and bins where she was sitting until she found a stash of old snacks, specially selected scraps that she had found lying around.
Putting her memories aside for the night, Taia sat on her cardboard shelter and shared a dinner of discarded pizza with the company of a quiet rat. It wasn’t particularly hygienic, but people like her didn’t have the luxury of cleanliness.


The Return of the FanFiction.

I have been bad.Very bad indeed. And I am truly sorry for that, but now I can redeem myself, by fixing what I have done wrong.
For I am starting again, in... The Return Of The FanFiction. (cue the random evil laugh)

Any way, I have written the beginning and it shall be posted... very soon. Very soon indeed...

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Random Drawings, etc

Hey Everybody!!!
It's me, (obviously...)  Anyway, here are some fairly random pictures...

 The first two are of my hamster, because he deserves to be on here...
The other is a random drawing, simply because I enjoy drawing randomly...

Yaay randomness!!!

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Taia's fanfic. Remio Sound. Chapter 2

Taia's Fanfic,  Remio Sound.

Hey everybody!!  Just want to say 'Hey', and umm... yeah, that's kind of it actually....  so, here's the story...  
This Chapter is dedicated to the cute little pixie that lives in the upstairs shower and steals the oranges from the fruit bowl when no one's looking...

Chapter 2
                 Taia DeMars

The DeMars family was nothing particularly special.  Just Mark and May, and their son, Jordan.  And then there was Taia.
Taia wasn't really a member of the DeMars family, but she'd lived with them as for long as she could remember.  May and Mark were her foster parents, but they treated her as if she was part of the family, because she was - sort of...  Taia treated them as family in return, although she didn't get on too well with Jordan any more.
Jordan was 2 years older than Taia, and pleased about it. Because of this, Taia had grown up liking most of the things her brother liked. She'd never liked Barbies, or Polly-Pockets, she preferred Lego, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.   Well, not Star Wars, She'd never liked Star Wars....

Taia had dark hair, parted on the right-hand side, which she desperately wanted to dye red. She had hazel eyes and a good sense of humour - most of the time.  She was 13 years old, and a good swimmer. She enjoyed swimming, reading, and gymnastics, but not at the same time.

They lived in North Wales, in a little village, called Glyn Lemwn, which translated from Welsh, means Lemon Valley, which was quite odd, because they definitely weren't in a valley. They did have lemons though...

Taia went to Coed Cyll, the local high school, and was in year 8, she couldn't wait for the holidays to start. She didn't really get on well with the other girls at school, she did have friends, she just wasn't as 'girly' as they were.

Taia was in her room, listening to 'Lead the way'  by The Trail  when there was a knock on the door, and Jordan burst into the room.
"That's poo music!"
She paused the song. "What do you want?"
"Where's the TV remote?"
"I don't know? In the living room?"
"Just tell me where it is..."
"I don't know"
"Look Jordan, I don't have it, what use would it be to me, in here?"
"You stole it to annoy me..." he began to play with the little china ornaments on the shelf by the door.
"What? Jordan that's ridicu- Put that back Jordan"
He'd picked up one of the ornaments, a rare one apparently. She didn't know where they came from, someone just sent them to her in the post every few months. They never left an address, or a name, just the little ornaments, and a letter, that just seemed to be a load of nonsense, with 'From your true and loving Auguinii' signed at the bottom. Taia often dreamed of Auguinii, of meeting her and going on adventures, filled with riddles and mysteries, in search of her real family. These dreams, beautiful as they were, were often the things that tortured her the most during the day. Just the thought of her family made her queasy, and however real the dream would seem, however much fun she was having, and however close she got to finding them, her heart would always be broken again by morning. She would never find her family in the end, and finding that it was just a dream when she woke up, just made everything so much worse.

"Jordan, put it down, now!" Taia demanded
"No, not until you give me the remote!"
"I don't have it, numskull"
"yeah you do, and don't call me that, your a bigger one"
"Get out of my room Jordan!"
"Fine" he slammed the door and ran off with the ornament
"Jordan!" she yelled as she ran downstairs after him, then decided it wasn't worth it, and went back to her room. All the china ornaments were gone.

She sighed and ran into Jordan's room. She didn't particularly enjoy going in there - it was dark, dingy and it smelled weird, like mouldy pasta.
"Give them back Jordan"
"Aargh, you're such an idiot!"
"No I'm not, your just jealous of me, because you have no friends and I do! And at least I have a family!"
"That's not true Jordan, you don't know anything!!"
She lunged at him, was just fixing her hands around his throat, when May shouted from downstairs
"Taia, stop shouting at Jordan! Jordan, leave Taia alone!"
"But I-"
"Taia, just go to your room please"

Taia went back to her room, slamming the door behind her. She waited, not quite sure what to do now. She looked out of the window, at the clear, blue sky, littered with smears of Cotton cloud, that blew across the sky in the cool spring breeze, that made the trees sway in time with each other, following a strangely hypnotic beat. She opened the window and looked down. Definitely too far to jump. She used to climb down the tall, green tree in the front garden - she didn't know what sort it was, but it was gone now, it had gone rotten, and would have fallen if they hadn't cut it down.
She crept into the bathroom and looked around. She spotted the big window, that led to the low, sloping roof outside. It was the emergency fire exit upstairs, that was a safety regulation now, all houses had to have one.
She twisted the handle, and pushed open the window, then hauled herself up, and out of the window, carefully pushing it shut behind her. Then, she slowly slid down the roof, and edged along the edge, to the very end. at the back of the house, knocking several tiles down as she went. She was hoping to jump across, to the high wall at the top of the drive, and climb down from there. Slowly, carefully, she stood up and prepared to jump. She took one step back, onto a loose tile, and slipped. She fell, just managing to grab the gutter with one hand, and hung there, watching two more tiles fall down and shatter on the concrete floor. One false move and that would be her head.
She swung her other hand up, and grabbed the gutter, grunting slightly as she pulled herself up. She steadied herself, and jumped, just managing to grab the top of the wall, which she hauled herself over, and climbed down the other side. She sneaked around the side of the house and ran off, down the road to the woods at the end of the village.

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Hey, this is just some random little drawings I drew...

The one with the bow, I drew last night...
                                                            And I did the thinner one earlier today...

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