Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The World is Growing Smaller

The universe always expands,
And with it the world will grow,
But I cannot comprehend this change,
With each passing day there's increasingly less,
For me, the world grows smaller.

Time progresses, 
Stretches out,
I stay within doors and laze about,
My brainwaves attenuate,
For me, the world grows smaller

A song will pass into the charts,
Another joins, "A work of art",
They're all the same,
There is no change,
For me, the world grows smaller

The fish will swim into the glass,
Until the shoddy bowl will crack,
Her world floods out onto the floor,
It's a whole new place but she won't live,
Her life is falling shorter,
Her world is growing smaller

Bigfoot hangs inside his home,
A jagged, rocky, mountain dome,
The tracks of trains must pass on by,
"Let's blow the mountainside sky-high",
The walls collapse, Bigfoot is trapped,
His cave has tumbled under,
His world is growing smaller

The letters used in every book,
Passing as a major look,
They feel the same,
There's nothing new,
For me, the world grows smaller

The echoes of an ancient age,
Forgotten within the human rage,
The eyes of all forget to see,
What has, what was, what used to be,
Ideas grow, but logic shrinks,
For me, the world grows smaller.

An old-ish piece of writing, posted on dA, before I thought "Hm. What about that lonely blog of yours, then?" It was built mostly from reflective/conceptual thoughts, I think, and, as I recall, it hit a completely seperate idea to what I'd been aiming for, but, meh. So, that's another few-month-old poem which hasn't been lucky enough to sit through re-vision. :P Good day.


  1. Wow. I really like how you made an example of the world getting smaller to individuals like the fish and Bigfoot.

    I really like the poem in general! It seems like it could be a song. Just has a lyrical feel to it. :)

  2. WOW! This is brilliant Taia! YOU are brilliant! I love the intelligence and perspective that is displayed. It is so creative and thought provoking. It's wonderful! I love your writings so much!
    You are amazing, I hope you know that You have this HUGE talent and gift. I hope to see more from you, young lady! XD

  3. This is stunning Taia. Such a thought provking gorgeous flowing poem.

    You are wonderfully talented.